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The Shinchonji Wife in Heaven, The Letter From a Prison

The Shinchonji Wife in Heaven, The Letter From a Prison

I am writing from a prison called Detention Center C because I was charged with murder. I met my wife in Seoul in 1980. In spite of an objection from her parents, we got married and had two sons. My family had been happy in Si-Heung city, Kyung-Gi province, although our livelihood was not enough from two incomes. I worked as a driver for a long distance bus and my wife worked as a taxi driver.
Unfortunately, a car accident set our family in debt and as a result, I had to sell our townhouse. Subsequently, we moved to our father-in-law’s house in Ulsan City. My wife attended the church that my brother and his wife went to when we were in Si-Heung city, so she also wanted to continue attending church when she came to Ulsan.

My Wife Fell Into Shinchonji

In 1996, I called my wife and two kids everyday— my family is all that I had— because I could only come home twice a week once I had changed my job to transport business. My wife and I loved each other and were devoted to each other for 27 years (I was 50 at the time). I didn’t know what church she had joined, thinking that all Christian churches were the same. However, my wife had been being brainwashed by the doctrine of the Shinchonji cult.

The Ulsan Church of Andrew was part of the Shinchonji cult! They told my wife it is her most urgent task to study the Shinchonji theology and help fill the church up to 144,000 members because the ‘end time’, in Shinchonji belief, would come in three years and a new heaven would emerge. She shirked her duties as a housewife and became fully engrossed in the Shinchonji bible studies— even dragging my son into it, who was a high school senior at the time. They had been completely brainwashed. To my wife, Lee Man-Hee was Christ, Counselor, and he was the Jesus, the savior who came to Korea. She was nothing but a pawn who acted only by the Shinchonji cult.
I tried to change her church, but she wouldn’t budge an inch so I quit my job. After searching for counselors everywhere, we met a couple counselors from the Shinchonji Heresy Association but it was in vain. One night, John Tribe in Seoul came to me accompanied by police officers and claimed that I confined her. My wife agreed with them and followed the members out with the officers.
The officer said Shinchonji was out of control, he knew that the group was a dangerous cult, but he had to do it because there is the freedom of religion by the law and my wife was an adult. Thereafter, she was handed over to the Andrew tribe and came home again. I knew I couldn’t stop trying to counsel her because I knew Man Hee Lee is not the savior and the second coming of Jesus, so she, her two sisters, and I came to the counselor of ‘D-church’ in Julla-Nam-Do province.

However, she denied the Pastor’s word during counseling. On the way home, she sat down in the middle of road, rolled over and over again, rushed at us crazily, and assaulted us. In spite of that, her two sisters and I persisted to persuade and beg her to continue these counseling sessions. However, on the third day of counseling, my wife ran away from the help of a few members of the Andrew tribe. 

She Did Not Come Home

Man Hee Lee, runs the Shinchonji organized criminal group in all nations. Shichonji, which in disguise of the Word of God and is protected by Korean Law, is not a Christian church but it is a cult. They know that families, society, and the spirit of their followers are destroyed by them but they just overlook the issues they cause. 

My family moved back to Ulsan but she did not. Our family protested, “The cult should return her to her home” and that “Man Hee Lee is not the Second-Coming Jesus, the immortality is a fraud, return my wife and my mother back to her family” in front of the church of Andrew tribe. We did not stop protesting, even when we were wet from the rain; we shouted “Shinchonji is a cult” and cried. There were a lot of other families who were looking for their family, and additionally, we protested in front of Shinchonji’s churches in Kwa-Cheon, An-San, and Kang-Ju city. We protested for lost sons, daughters, parents, husbands, etc. We looked for her for many years. My sons didn’t understand why their mom had disappeared. Eventually, we reported her lost to the police office, and finally we could meet her by the Shinchonji’s members’ guide.

After all, I told her that I would acknowledge her beliefs if she would come home. However, my wife requested that I become a member of the Shinchonji cult after participating in bible study for 6 months. I learned the Shinchonji doctrine through the free bible study for one month, but I could not go further because I knew all their groundless words were nothing but fraud. I quit attending the bible studies. 
As a result, she demanded to divorce me and expressed her desire to never see me again. We could not live any more in her father’s house in which we had been staying, so my sons and I moved out. We continuously searched for her while we slept in cars or massage rooms.
["Return My Daughter Back to Me from Brainwashing."]
She accumulated a lot of debt: private taxi bills, charged to my credit card, and borrowed money from here and there, in order to donate to the cult. It deceived its members to build new headquarter church (Shinchonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony) in the Kwa-Cheon City, known as the Holy Land in Shinchonji belief. I was a defaulter, homeless, and almost bankrupt. We barely managed our livelihood while I was working as a taxi driver. I had struggled to live with her; I could not afford that I lose my wife and sleep in tragedy.

The Shinchonji Wife in Heaven

I could never have imagined that I would want to kill my wife. I had been in front of the Shinchonji Church every day but she avoided me. My younger son who was a freshman in a college gave up his academic work and asked me, “Is it impossible to forget mom?” My older son wandered around and joined a gang, and I had to drink to endure the distressful situation.

The Day Before the Incident. I shouted, “We can’t live without you!” as I begged to my wife for her to come home and take care of her family. I even started to threaten her. In the process of pulling and pushing each other, we began to fight violently. I, drunk and enraged, picked up a car tool in the ground. I didn’t know which part of her body I hit. 
She was dispatched to the emergency room, and she went to heaven after 7 days. October, 13, 2007, 2 A.M. my wife ascended to heaven which was not the Shinchonji kingdom that Lee Man Hee and its members would accomplish according to their belief.

Standing on the Gate of Repentance

I am a sinner. My sin was that I loved my wife, I wanted my wife to die, I couldn’t let her go from me, I couldn’t live without her, I lived in her parent’s house, and that I let her fall into the cult because I was too busy with work. I had the realization that there was nothing but tragedy and sadness after love. I cannot stop trembling, thinking that my wife could not come to me again and it was useless waiting for her, and only the sadness that I could not endure rushes like a wave into my mind. 

There were no response to what I was crying out, appealing, and praying to the truth. It was the time that, a pain, like a sharpen knife came into my heart, never disappearing but rather repeating over and over again. I had been crazy and angry because of the Shinchonji cult. I was a mess that who others around me could not recognize. There was even a time that I blamed God, who created the universe and exists in our deep life, why HE could not protect my family from Satan, which I thought was unfair. I poured out ill-speaking of myself for my ruined life: I had nothing to lose, I was blind and deaf, my life wasn’t normal, and I blamed myself for even inhaling oxygen in the air.

The indoctrination of the cult is ten times stronger than intoxication of any other drug and or communist system. They can be controlled by law and there are hospitals for drug abusers. But, there are no hospitals for those brainwashed by the cult, rather Korean law protects the cult under the law of freedom of religion. Shinchonji is not a religion, it destroys families. Attending the cult results in members running away from home, dropping out of school, suing family members, neglecting loved ones, giving up on their lives, and committing suicide.
How can Shinchonji claim that 144,000 members will allow the chief priest to return, for new heaven to emerge in East Korea, for them to rule the world? The promise of “new heaven and new earth will be accomplished in three years” has existed for nearly 30 years.

I finally met Jesus Christ after anguish and sadness while I have been standing at the end of my life. Now I am praying for forgiveness. I am a sinner. I am still trying to get out of the remnants of the tragedy. I have been healing through prayer, repentance and forgiveness based on the Word of God. Even in the cold winter and in the hot summer of prison, I endure the punishment that I deserve.
I don’t think that I am old; I am not too week to heal. Even though I still have the sad past in my mind, I don’t think it is God’s will that I remain frustrated, clinging to the past. I will put hope and faith in God’s work because I realized the truth.

["Cult Victims, you can tell now!"]
(Provided by HD Jongkyu)
I think that I can pass through the gate of repentance when I receive forgiveness and am born again. I am confident that the God of Abraham and God of David is my God. I don’t have much academic experience and actually I am fairly ignorant; however, I will be a helper for brothers and sisters, by sharing my experience of suffering in the hell that is the reality of the Shinchonji cult.


September 22, 2009.

Kim Tea-Sik (Pseudonym) from Detention Center C

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